The process after a war

Do the international aid agencies have a "memory"? Do they learn from their mistakes? This film describes the events from the war in Kosovo and the handling of the aftermath. The conflict is still locked there, and the victims of the war feel betrayed. What went wrong?

In the film we follow the former aid workers Josef Martinsen and Margita Kukulaj Pakashtika that is documenting war crimes - where national and international authorities have failed to do so. Josef and Margita are convinced that a reconciliation or new start between the parties from the Kosovo War presupposes that what happened in 1998-99 is recognized and agreed upon as events that actually happened, and that these events is investigated and prosecuted.

We meet Kosovo Albanian victims, people who claim serious crimes never have been listened to their cases because of the constant politization of the events of the war. Their desire is to be heard - that their stories should be taken seriously, met with an understanding and respect, and not attempted to cover, seen as troublesome sludge from a past that has no place in the new modern Balkans.