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Houses - like the old sailor's chest with secret artifacts, soaked in memories.

In this film we hoped to capture some of the strange qualities of a landscape, not only the surface - the touristic approach, but also the cultural depth of it and the magic.
Abandoned houses are still alive, furnished with memories of people long bygone.

Situated in the dramatic rural landscape of Norway, these houses are left to themselves; the wind, the rain and to time. Perfect for the screen, the variety of the Norwegian landscape with the fjords, mountains, green meadows and the sea.

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And the old house
I feel its russet warmth
Comes from the senses of the mind

(Jean Wahl)

I dream of a house, a low house with high windows, three worn steps, smooth and green.

A poor secret house, as in an old print,
That only lives in me, where sometimes I return
To sit down and forget the gray day and the rain.)

(Andé Lafon)

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